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I worked all these years for this?

Years of hard work and striving - seeking that next job or promotion. More responsibility and authority. You got the big titles and the job looks great on a resume but now that you are are wondering "Is this it?" "Is this all I worked for all those years?".

I remember that disappointment. It was almost as if I felt cheated. Years of toiling and striving and what did I have to show for it? An empty feeling inside and a sense there was something more. Not that what I was doing wasn't important and meaningful - it was both. It was just that I somehow felt I had done what I had been told, I followed the route they said - get a good education, work hard, go back to school, get an MBA. I did all that and at the end of the day I guess it was my fault, I wasn't happy and I wasn't fulfilled.

So off I went to figure out what was next - only problem was I had no idea and couldn't think of anyone who had done anything similar. So I spent lots of money on coaches and programs hoping that they would help me figure it out. And eventually I did. The problem was, it took so long and so much money! So I decided to make a program for women like me. Leaders in the healthcare system looking to rewrite their next chapter only now since I have been through it and have a proven process I can help get them there faster and with a lot less cash!

If you are ready to move forward on your dreams in uncertain times, join me at this upcoming complementary live masterclass "Chaos to Clarity: Moving Forward in uncertain times.'

When: Jul 9, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance here for the link to join other like minded individuals.

I can't wait to see you there.

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