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It is worth the time and thoughtful and intention to design the next chapter

Senior women leaders have in healthcare, pharmaceutical and nonprofit sectors have worked hard to succeed. They have often advanced degrees, years of experience in honing their skills and refining their expertise. They are passionate about making a difference and have a strong spirit of service. They have learned creative strategies to continually make programs more efficient and to withstand the ongoing funding cuts inherent in business. And yet, when it comes to designing the next chapter of their life, their work and their legacy they often don't know what to do or how to figure it out.

A busy home life, a demanding job, board responsibilities and the ongoing HR issues at work, all compete to distract them from the important task of defining what is next. And yet, by thoughtfully planning the next step and setting aside time to do the work, the process can be more enjoyable and have a better outcome.

Let's face it - this is new territory. It has been awhile since you have had the time to thoughtfully reflect on what is important to you and what really lights you up. You know you want to leave a legacy and now is your time to make an even greater impact, but you just aren't sure what that looks like. You also want to do things that makes your heart patter again and those that allow you to contribute to the world in an even greater way. With some guidance, a clear and proven process and an experienced guide, you too can develop a plan that allows you to fully enjoy your next steps while making the impact you desire.

If you are ready to take that next step and

  • You feel stuck and can’t seem to find a way forward

  • You have an idea of what is next for you but could use some support in getting going quickly

  • You are confident you can make it happen if only you were clearer on the direction you were going

  • You love the idea of connecting with others on a similar path then my new group coaching program is perfect for you.

Join us for SPARK - creating clarity, momentum and connection. In this month long group coaching program you will receive proven techniques to move forward on your unique goals, worksheets for self reflection, laser focused coaching and the support of an awesome group.

Join now - how much longer are you willing to wait to have that life you love?

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