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Exhausted from dealing with COVID?

The ongoing stress of the pandemic has taken the bounce out of your step. Dealing with the shortages of PPE, having to pass on directives from above that you don’t agree with, and the ongoing worry about bringing it home to your family. You see the daily impact on your staff’s wellbeing and can see the toll it is taking on you and your families.

All this work feels exhausting. You used to find this work deeply fulfilling and you love the fact that you have chosen work that makes a difference in the world. And yet, you know that now it is time for you to do something different. You have known it for a while and yet you keep putting it off. After all, this is important work. It is easy to stay. You are good at it and besides who has time to figure it your next step when you are so busy? You remember how it was when you started out and you were so excited about learning and making a difference and you long for that enthusiasm and energy. You want to feel that fire in your belly again.

With your family around more right now, and work so busy, it is challenging to think about setting aside the time to figure out what is next. You aren’t even sure where to start.

You are tired of:

• Dealing with the stress and exhaustion from work

• Wondering what your next chapter will look like

• Worrying about if you will be successful at it

It is normal for your friends and family to not get it. They want to hang up their hat and play golf but you know that isn’t enough for you. You need to continue to have purpose in your life and be contributing in some way.

Now is the time. You know you have put it off too long already. You are ready to:

• Create crystal clarity on your next powerful chapter

• Reignite your passion and drive

• Take massive, decisive action

It’ s time you stepped forward into your future with brazen confidence.

By engaging a trusted guide with a clear process, you will shorten the time and energy it takes you to get clear on your next step, feel confident in your plan and come away feeling on-fire about this exciting new chapter.

If you are looking for that clarity and confidence in your next step join this upcoming complementary Masterclass – Chaos to Clarity: How to Move Forward in Turbulent Times.

Register here right now.

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