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38+ People comment on the benefits of meditation

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Originally published on outwittrade

Meditation is one of what researchers call “keystone” habits - habits that when you adopt them, they result in significant and positive changes in other areas of your life as well.

I have meditated on and off for years (maybe 15 or more) and it helps me manage the negative mind chatter I have. It helps me sleep at night and be more present. Since the pandemic I have been meditating twice a day now most days. I find it helps me manage my emotions better so I get more “good days”.

The research shows that sustained meditation actually changes the brain (neuroplasticity) and those that meditated have greater awareness, are better able to regulate their thoughts and emotions and show slower aging of the brain. People who meditate have greater self compassion, empathy and more feelings of being in control. They have better decision making capability, improved attention and memory. The research is compelling.

It gets us out of that chronic stress response that many of us live in. I often suggest my clients start to meditate if they don’t already.

--Laura Macdougall,


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