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You won't believe what happened...

I remember the day so vividly. I was so excited and so full of energy – I just couldn’t go back to my office and sit down, so I went for a nice walk to burn off the energy and excitement. It was a really hot and humid day – it felt like 40 degrees - but I didn’t really notice as I was so thrilled to have had so much fun and received such great feedback on an event I delivered. Then, I had a few more client calls in the afternoon and joined Philip outside to do some gardening. It was 7:30 pm and I was still out there pulling weeds and as I stood up…..

Do believe in signs from the universe? Do you think everything happens for a reason? Do you believe that in every adverse event there is a silver lining? Is there a gift in our suffering? I do. Someone I used to work with said her cancer was “like a gift wrapped in barbed wire”.

I have been trying to take the lessons and gather the learnings so I can move forward. I admit that patience isn’t my greatest strength. So perhaps(?!) I am in a bit of a hurry.

I much prefer to be out hiking or paddling or working or socializing– anything rather than sitting down and yet it seems the universe thought it was time I slowed down and sat down. Perhaps a bit of quiet reflection was called for. Maybe, I had been squandering this opportunity to slow down and listen more deeply. Perhaps, it was time for my own reset. Problem was, I was way too busy doing things to have time for that!

So, as I said, I was out pulling weeds one evening after going for a long walk (mid-day)

on a day that felt like 40 degrees and I hadn’t yet had time for dinner. So, when I stood up….. I fell down. Yup, I fainted, passed out flat on the ground. I woke up saying “Where am I?” After some food, water and a visit from a paramedics I thought I was good to go. Just needed a bit of rest. Well, the headaches, fatigue, poor balance and difficulty in focusing weren’t going away. Instead of an hour walk in the evening I was doing a couple of blocks. I couldn’t work more than an hour or two a day. I was sleeping a lot. Philip knew there was something wrong when I just wanted to watch TV! After 10 days I went to emergency to be checked out and had a CT scan – fortunately no bleeding on the brain but I do have a concussion. Now, I have ongoing visits at a concussion clinic, and a structured program to follow including exercises and guidelines on activities. Not exactly how I thought I would spend my vacation!

What have I learned? If you have that “inkling” that feeling that there is something you should be doing – whether it be something you can put your finger on or something you can’t….. spend some time listening. And then, do it – if you don’t listen, the universe might need to do something more drastic to get your attention!

Perhaps you would like to join a small group of awesome women in creating more clarity on “that thing”, taking action and moving forward. Imagine how it would feel if you could make significant progress on your goals in just 30 days! I have a few more spots available and one might just have your name on it. To learn more and sign up for SPARK go here. If you have any questions about this program and if it is right for you, respond to this email and I will be happy to set up a time to discuss your specific needs.

Enjoy your long weekend and if you don’t hear from me as much over the next few weeks, I am trying to do a better job in listening. Stay well.

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