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This. One. Word.

This one word is difficult to say and yet will unlock the secret to getting what you really want in 2020.

Perhaps the most under-utilized word in the English vocabulary.

The most powerful way to stay on track to reach your goals.

Find out how mastering this one word will totally rewrite the possibilities for you starting right now.

Hard to believe?

One of my coaching clients did just that. A self-described “people pleaser” and what she wanted more than anything else was to find a way to serve others and at the same time give herself what she most needed.

This one word made the difference between her burning bright and burning out.

You guessed it – the word most often used by two year olds is somehow forgotten as we grow older.

Afraid to disappoint and let down, we often agree to do things we don’t want to and, in the process, take on others priorities rather than owning our own ambitions.

Women especially are socialized to say yes, to put others needs before our own. And yet, like the aircraft safety message goes “in the case of emergency apply your own oxygen mask before you help others.”

What if we reframed how we looked at setting boundaries? Rather than saying yes to things that don’t serve us, if we serious only said yes to those things that contributed to us showing up with energy and vitality? What if it wasn’t an indulgence to protect our time but a requirement for us living our best life? What if we acknowledged that when we honour ourselves, and say no when we feel exhausted and worn out that we can then find the time to recharge and renew ourselves and from that place we are better able to serve others?

What if we cut back on our plans for gift giving, shopping, entertaining, social events and family commitments and instead honoured the time we need to be alone, recharge and connect in a more measured way?

Self care is the foundation for a strong building. Let go of your guilt about saying no and protect your time and energy for things that serve you. When you have filled your own cup, you will be better able to fill those around you. This one two letter word - no- is key to ensuring your health and happiness in this busy holiday season.

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