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Is Your Tank Running on Empty?

Or maybe you are due for a tune up? Perhaps you have been running non-stop for so long that you need a full diagnostic work up. Or maybe a trade in?

Every morning you used to leap out of bed, excited about the race ahead. Now, it is getting harder and harder to get excited about that same old circuit. A track that once filled you with excitement now wears you down and leaves you feeling exhausted and tired at the end of the day. More than ever before you are noticing the challenges in dealing with your team, their expectations seem so high, and every year, you and your team manage to do more with less – but how much longer can you keep this car in the race with out new parts?

A low fuel indicator is a sign that change is needed. The easiest thing to do is just go to the station and refuel. And yet, you aren’t getting the same mileage you once did. So, go ahead and put more fuel in the car but before you do, you may want to consider if this is a race that you still want to run.

What if you woke up every morning ON FIRE? What would it look like for you to leap out of bed with energy and enthusiasm, truly inspired about the day ahead? What would it feel like to be at the starting line revving your engine, ready for the race ahead? How would you feel to come home at the end of the day with fuel in your tank, raving about your race that day?

The problem is, when your tank is empty and you are busy running the race, it can be hard to find the time and energy to even think about what other races are going on around you.

I remember what it was like. Deep down, I knew I wasn’t going back to that same old race. I wanted to find something different, something that filled me up and left me ON FIRE, everyday- something that made a difference in the world. And yet, with so many options, I struggled to decide.

This is where a trusted guide can be of service. Someone who has driven that same route before. Someone who has your back. Someone who knows where the twists and turns in the road are. Someone who sees your unique strengths and can support you in testing out your car on other tracks and exploring what other circuits are out there until you find the one that let’s you face each new day feeling ON FIRE.

Life is too short to just keep doing that same old circuit. Take the car in for a full diagnostic check up and come away with your own road map to a destination that lights you up ON FIRE.

Laura Macdougall is a leading authority for senior women leaders in the non-profit and healthcare sectors who are designing their next chapters in life, work and legacy. Direct message her for more information on speaking opportunities or her revolutionary ON FIRE coaching system.

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