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How a VP of a large teaching hospital launched her dream business

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Sara had worked in hospital operations for many years. She was great at her job and she really loved it. Lately though, it had become increasingly clear to her that it was time for a change. She knew deep inside that she had done her best work and that it was time to move on. Her demanding career and busy family life meant it was challenging for her to spend the time she needed to meaningfully plan her next move.

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Sara was concerned that she could just keep putting it off, except that she knew there was something bigger she was meant to do. She had this deep sense of conviction that she was put on this planet with all these skills, talents and abilities for a bigger purpose and now was the time for her to live it. She has spent enough of her life looking after her family and everyone else - not that she didn't value them our what she accomplished. It was just a different time now. The kids are grown and on their own, and now it is her turn.

All of sudden, she got a call from her best friend telling her she had developed metastatic cancer. She was only given a year or two to live. Heart broken, Sara knew her time was running out too and she could no longer put this off any more.

Sara reached out to me and we talked about what she was looking for: a structured process, support and accountability. She wanted someone to walk with her through the process of mapping out her next chapter. In the past, she had planned career moves and thoughtfully mapped out her next step work wise but this felt different – she was acutely aware that she was on the back end of that curve – that she no longer had all the time in the world. Experience had taught her that unless she put focused attention behind the plan, that years could easily slip by while continued to do what she has always done. And it would be okay, but it wasn’t what she wanted. She was determined to make this next chapter impactful and meaningful. After all these years leading others and driving change in organizations she knew that these skills could be translated into driving a bigger purpose – one where her impact would be more personal, more aligned with who she is now, and who she wants to be, and more inspired!

Sara joined my 4 month 1:1 coaching program where I supported her through a proven and battle tested process to help her define her next chapter, get clarity on where she wanted to go and what impact she wanted to make and crush all the obstacles in her way – both real and imagined.

We met every other week on Zoom (a free videoconferencing platform) and there we talked just like we were in a local coffee shop, working through her next steps, talking about the hurdles she wanted to move through and celebrating her successes. Our 1:1 sessions were complemented by structured exercises that she completed between our sessions so that she had time for self reflection, integration of the practices and also taking action.

Several months into the program, Sara had already gained some much needed clarity and mapped out her next step putting the plans in place for her own social impact business. She knew she wanted something to keep growing her skills and giving back and this fit the bill perfectly. By the end of the program, she had given notice at work, mapped out her business plan, launched her new website and been interviewed on a major network about her new business.

When I asked Sara about what made the difference for her in this program she was clear that having a proven process, support and accountability made all the difference. Prioritizing dedicated time to support your plans is key to successfully mapping out your next chapter.

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