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4 ways to find more luck

St. Patrick’s Day seems like a great opportunity to share some interesting facts about luck. Most people would suggest that good fortune has nothing to do with the actions of the individual. It turns out this is not the case.

Richard Wiseman has studied over 400 lucky people and what he had found might astound you.

Wiseman suggests there are 4 distinct principles that lucky people use that unlucky people don’t. The principles are:

  1. Lucky people actively create variety and changes in their life and then identify the new opportunities that are presented to them. For example, one lucky person made it a point to meet different people at a party; another took a variety of routes to work.

  2. Lucky people make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition.

  3. Lucky people create self fulfilling prophesies through their positive expectations.

  4. Lucky people have a resilient attitude. When they have bad luck, then tend to think of it in terms of being glad it wasn’t worse.

So today is a great day to start creating more luck for yourself. Pick one principle and try it out!

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