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⏰ Time is running out!

Let’s face it – we all have dreams – things we have long wanted to accomplish.

“This year is going to be different - I am finally going to do it”

….have you ever said that to yourself and found that despite your best intentions, you are in the same place when the next year comes around?

How many days, weeks or years are you going to wait to achieve that goal?

I know, things get in the way….so many pressing to do’s, family issues, health concerns and all the ongoing things we need to do to every day, groceries, laundry, car pooling etc. And before you know it those dreams are on the back burner again.

It can be hard to prioritize your own goals when you are the one that holds the family together, looks after others, and makes the meals. Then, before you know it you are looking back on your life wondering where it went and regretting that you never did that thing you longed to do.

That is why I am reaching out to you and encouraging you to do one small thing today to step closer to your dream. If you break your goal down into the very smallest steps you can imagine, and just do one tiny thing a day, you will start moving towards that goal and that dream you have.

And if you would like support to get there, I am here for you. Reach out and I would be happy to discuss your dream and see how I can support you in moving forward step by step. This is the year, now is the time to make this dream a reality. Do it now before time has run out!

Laura Macdougall is a leading authority for senior women leaders in the non-profit and healthcare sectors who are designing their next chapters in life, work and legacy. Direct message her for more information on her coaching or speaking packages.

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