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Recharge and refuel

As the year draws to a close, I am reflecting on this very unconventional year. The frustration and disappointment of a year unlike what we had imagined for ourselves. And yet, it is the difficult things I have faced in life that I find the source of my greatest growth. This time of relative quiet reminds me that the joy is found in each moment rather than in reaching that next goal.

Our lives are a series of moments and how we live each one creates the story of our lives.

The New Year sometimes feels like a new beginning and yet, in truth every minute is a new beginning. We can choose to let go of the stories that hold us back and accept and move forward with joy and ease.

I know this way of living is possible and yet it is often illusive. It is a bit like that feather that when grasping for it, floats out of reach.

Most of all, I wish to express my gratitude to you for being with me on this journey and sharing your ups and downs. Hearing your stories, your insights and your ah-ha moments fill me up and gives me a sense of purpose and joy.

I plan to take some much-needed time off over the coming weeks to recharge and refuel. Know that although you may not be hearing from me, I am here still cheering you on and asking you what it is you need most in this moment.

May this holiday be filled with exactly what you need.

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