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More wine and brownies anyone?

Are you talking about the COVID-15? Have you noticed a change in your eating habits? Perhaps you are baking more or having an extra glass of wine at night. Reportedly sales of flour, wine and cannabis are up exponentally. I have noticed it myself. I am not a big baker and yet, I have made brownies, carrot cake and muffins all within the last few months.

Some workplaces are passing around the starter for sour dough bread. Have you wondered what this is all about and how these trends impacts you as a leader?

My reflections on these trends would suggest first of all that many of us are self medicating. We are dealing with our feelings by stuffing them down with treats or covering them up with alcohol or taking the edge off them with drugs. Instead of being with the discomfort of this new uncertain world that we live in.

Secondly I would suggest that the making of bread or treats also has a soothing factor. It brings us back perhaps to happy memories of simpler times. The physical job of baking and making bread grounds us in the present moment and engages the senses which is a helpful way for us to deal with this. It could be an exercise in mindfulness or being fully present.

Then the problem with the treats is what to do with them once you have baked them? With only tow of us I am dropping them off for my parents or freezing them in bite sized pieces. Having a whole plate of brownies around is too tempting. We only have so much self control when so much of it is being used up in staying away from everyone ad staying safe, there isn't much left for brownie control.

As a leader it is important to recognize how you are dealing with stress - are the things you are doing to deal with it helping you or hurting you? What is one more brownie anyway.....and yet, you have to admit sometimes that extra brownie really is too much.

To hear more about dealing with stress as a leader and one tip to use to determine if you have had enough wine check out this podcast episode with Becker Group Women's Leadership Podcast. Listen to the full episode here:

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