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I remember our conversation clearly.

It was shortly before Covid-19 rocked all of our worlds, and I was speaking in front of about 100 healthcare leaders at an event put on at a large organization.

As part of my talk, I shared a number of practical tools research has shown to build resilience and well -being.

I had no idea what kind of an impact these tools would have for at least one person here...

Later, I connected with one of the healthcare leaders who was attending the event. She wanted to move the needle forward in her career, but she was going through a challenging personal situation, feeling overwhelmed with work, managing a family, and navigating her personal situation with all the challenges that come with it. I wished her the best, promised to stay in touch, and then we parted ways.

A few months later, Covid-19 hit.

Healthcare leaders and workers around the world were suddenly thrust into the frontlines of a global pandemic.

Recently, I checked in on a video chat with the woman I had spoken with to see how she was doing.

I noticed right away that she looked more vibrant. I was happy to see more colour and life in her face. She looked more relaxed and full of energy. When I reflected this back to her, something incredible happened.

With tears of gratitude in her eyes, she held up her journal and showed me how she had been applying the resilience-building tools every day. These were the very ones I shared at that speaking event.

I didn’t know it, but over those months she had been using these resilience building skills daily. They had helped her navigate the chaos of working in the healthcare field during the coronavirus, the unprecedented uncertainty, not to mention the stress of her ongoing personal situation.

Building resiliency is one the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and it can carry us through the most challenging circumstances. There is nothing more rewarding to me, than seeing how this work can positively impact others.

If your organization is looking for a speaker to help you and your teams enhance their resilience during these uncertain times, please send me a direct message. I would be happy to discuss how I can help you and your team go from surviving to thriving.

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