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I could only walk two blocks…

The impacts of my concussion were severe and affected every area of my life.

It was impacting my work, my sleep, my focus, my relationships, my energy, my mood, and even my ability to walk.

I thought it would pass, so I rested. I got lots of sleep and nothing changed. I just got more and more discouraged.

I couldn’t work. My mood got lower and lower. I started to wonder if I would ever get better.

It wasn’t until I went to see a specialist that things changed. Someone who had been there. Someone who not only knew what it was like to have a concussion, but also knew a protocol that I could follow so I would be able to get moving in the right direction.

She started with a thorough assessment and together we established goals. Instead of rest, she told me I needed to take action, but not just any action, I needed to start slowly developing my strength and cardio.

She started me on a daily program to walk 7 minutes and jog one and repeat this until I could get up to 25 minutes. Then I was to increase the jogging minute by minute.

At the same time, I was given strengthening exercises, and stretching for my neck, shoulders and back that were also impacted.

She was able to identify that I had difficulty with my vestibular ocular system and set me up a wide range of exercises to help my visual system with tracking and the difficulty I was having with attention, movement and focus.

This rehab program has taken work. Don’t get me wrong. None of it has been easy. And it has taken a significant amount of time, money and effort on my part. But I do know, if I had not gone to see this expert, I would still be on the couch and I would be even more miserable.

The rehab takes hours each and every day. I have so many exercises that I had to develop a spreadsheet to track them all and most days I don’t get them all done. It has been over three months of hard work and I am far from done. There are still areas that I have lots of difficulty and continue to wait to see other specialists.

I have been too embarrassed to post my times on Facebook or tell anyone how slowly I am jogging. But I do know, I have made a tonne of progress. Today for the first time, I jogged 39 minutes straight. That is a long way from the 2 blocks I could walk 14 weeks ago.

If you are wondering what a coach can do for you – THIS is what a coach can do for you.

A coach can put you on a proven protocol that works – tailored to your goals and your unique needs and where you are on the journey. They can help you make way more progress on your goals that you ever could on your own.

That is the power of coaching.

If you are ready to get moving on your goals, reach out and book a discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

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