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“Now isn’t the right time…”

Does this sound like you?

You’re exhausted – maybe even teetering on burn out.

You know it’s time for something new. You’ve already reached so many of those milestones you were working towards and you’ve been doing it for so long that it no longer fills you up.

But still... you’re likely thinking: ‘With Covid, now really isn’t the right time to make a change.’

I understand where this feeling is coming from, but what if now was the right time?

Image what your life would be like when you feel energized again.

How would that impact your health, your family, your relationships, and your purpose?

The truth is, there is always a reason not to move forward, not to take that risk. Often it is our own fears and self-talk holding us back. Perhaps we are only seeing the reasons not to move forward.

We all have a built-in negativity bias that is meant to keep us safe.

This emanates from the primitive part of our brain and was developed over many, many hundreds of years.

In the past, most of the threats facing us were physical in nature: part of the flight, fight and freeze phenomena.

But even when we are not being faced with a physical threat, this part of our primitive brain activates as a result of the uncertainty and causes us to feel afraid.

In order to determine what is a real threat, and what is simply an imagined one, we need to challenge our own negativity bias.

One way of challenging your beliefs or thoughts is to look for the opposite.

We can do this by adding the sentence “that is not true because” to the negative thought. This helps us be more intentional and look for the other side of the coin.

For example:

Let’s start with the fear we discussed in the beginning: ‘With Covid, now really isn’t the right time to make a change.’

Now, let's flip the coin.

‘This is not true because… my kids are more independent now, giving me the time to focus on myself. If I make this change, my health and well-being would improve and it would also improve my relationships if I were happier. If I went through my whole life and never made this change, I know I would regret it. I have been thinking about this for so long. So perhaps now is the right time?’

The truth is, we can always find a reason not to move forward. If we don’t look for reasons to make our dreams come true, we will just spend our life stuck in the same old place wondering what life would have been like if we had taken that risk.

If this resonates with you, now is the time to prioritize your health, well-being, your dreams, relationships, and all the positive changes that would result in your life from making a change. If you would like an experienced guide to support you on making this dream come to reality, please reach out by direct message and schedule a discovery call with me today.

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