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Bannish the Fear, Overcome Distress and Ride out the Turbulence with ease

I know you have been putting in long hours, and mapping out home schooling, trying to figure out how to get groceries and wondering how to best ensure you can keep you and your family safe. Meanwhile, others talk about having all this time on their hands! That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have been a healthcare leader too and I have a sense of the pressures you face each day and how they are magnified with current events. Concerns about your team and their health and well being, concerns about not having enough supplies and if we are going to be able to manage the volumes. 


It is easy to get caught up in those negative patterns of worry and spend your time focused on ensuring everyone else is ok.  Will your family come out of this ok? How long will this go on? Will you be able to give your staff the support they need? How will your parents manage? What about the kids?


Until you banish the fear and find ways to ride out the turbulence of the time with less stress, you won’t be able to move forward and design your next chapter. You will be tired and stuck on that same old treadmill doing the same thing.

How will you deal with the worries of the day?


It is time you Bannished the Fear and ride out the turbulence with less stress.

Don't Wait

  • Get the clarity you need to take your life to the next level

  • Uncover your purpose and live with more energy and vibrancy

  • Leverage your experience and wisdom to create even more fulfillment and joy in your next act… 

So you can live a bold and authentic life

By creating unprecedented value and a meaningful legacy. 

Not all your friends get it. They think you are crazy to worry about what is next…

That is the biggest problem you have when it comes to:

  • Defining your ideal future

  • Creating a fearless life

  • Taking bold and decisive action

Ignite! Your Passion, Your Purpose, Your Life
with Laura Macdougall

A live event designed to inspire successful powerhouse women to rewrite the next chapter of their life – to one that is even more fulfilling and rewarding.

January 30, 2020 | North York, Canada | 6:30-8:30 pm 

As one of our attendees, you will receive:

Are you ready to take the leap and start creating
life changing results right now?

Join us at our upcoming live panel discussion:
Clarifying your next step

Laura Macdougall will host an interactive panel discussion with 3 successful women who will weigh in on how they determined their next step. They will provide their own revealing insights into how they got clarity they needed to move forward on their next powerful chapter. In a no holds barred discussion, they will share their process and advice on how you might do the same.


These dynamic and powerhouse women have various backgrounds and experiences – each of them found their own unique and creative way to determine what was next. Adrienne Harris a dynamic and accomplished corporate leaders who shifted from a VP role to a partner in a consulting firm. Rosalyn Morrison, a superstar community builder retired from the big city and has taken the helm of a fledgling not for profit in a smaller community with a view to making a role for herself there. Emily Spenseri has gone from President of an advertising agency to a sought after thought leader and co-founder of her own agency.


This dynamic and powerhouse panel is guaranteed
to be inspiring, insightful and fun.


Adrienne Harris

Principal Consultant, Portage Sales

Adrienne is a high-energy, dynamic Change Strategist and Customer Success leader who has gained respect from colleagues and peers for her strong leadership in driving significant revenue growth, change innovation and positive culture shift.


With 23 years of progressive experience in Customer Experience, Sales and Operations, she is respected for developing and communicating strategy, defining and motivating teams and improving business processes. As an avid learner, Adrienne is a certified Change Management Practitioner (CMP) and Lean Six Sigma White Belt certified as well as in several other leadership tools.


She is regularly called on to speak on topics about customer experience and transformational empowerment strategies. Adrienne is passionate about supporting women and girls. In 2018, she launched Power Up, DCM’s Network for Women, as well as the company’s first mentoring program. Furthermore, Adrienne is the Executive Council and Innovator Lead for the Ellevate Network, Toronto Chapter and mentor’s young women in business.


In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys spending time with her friends and family in Toronto where she attempts to eat great food without ever entering her kitchen! She is an enthusiastic runner and is rekindling a love for Salsa dancing.

Rosalyn Morrison.jpg

Rosalyn Morrison

Chair, Georgian Bay Institute

Rosalyn Morrison is passionate about the beautiful Southern Georgian Bay region. Her family has had deep roots in the Simcoe Muskoka district for generations, and she and her husband now live in Craigleith.


Formerly, as Senior Advisor to the CEO at the Toronto Foundation, she was involved in connecting philanthropy to community needs and opportunities. She was responsible for the Foundation’s research, community convening, and partnerships relating to 100 Resilient Cities, which focuses on urbanization, globalization, and climate change.   Previously, as Vice President of Community Initiatives, she led the development of Toronto’s Vital Signs, an annual quality of life Report; and Community Knowledge Centre, an online portal of over 200 community organizations working on solutions to city issues; and Vital Toronto Fund grant programs and collaborative projects.


She has also held leadership roles in the arts and culture sector, where she focused on strategy development for provincial and national organizations and establishing partnerships. Her contributions include various board roles such as Vice Chair, Board of Governors, Ontario College of Art and Design University; and Chair, Ontario Summer Games Legacies Committee amoung others.


Currently, she serves as Chair of the Board of Directors, Institute of Southern Georgian Bay and as a Board member of the Blue Mountain Village Foundation.


Emily Spensieri

Co-Founder, Incite Inc.

Emily Spensieri is the Co-Founder and Strategic Brand Architect of Incite, a Women Smart, Brand Savvy consultancy. For more than 20 years, Emily has guided clients from the retail, consumer packaged goods and charitable sectors to market more effectively with women. Creating compelling brand stories that inspire and motivate female audiences to take action is her passion.


Emily is a sought-after speaker, having hosted Marketing To Women and Marketing To Moms’ conferences in Canada for several years consecutively. She recently spoke at the Marketing to Moms/Marketing To Women conference in NYC about the importance of creating a love affair between a brand and its female audience. Her proprietary research methodology was featured in the prestigious Schulich School of Business curriculum and in Marketing and Strategy magazine. She was a featured panel member of Huffington Post’s Women’s Pink Tax reality and was featured by Shape Magazine and, concerning the same topic. Emily moderates research sessions and facilitates workshops and with each endeavor, she seeks to find gold nugget insights that will help create a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship between female audiences and the brands that understand the necessity to do so.

Laura Macdougall

Laura Macdougall is an advisor to senior women leaders looking to rewrite the powerful next chapter of their life, work and legacy, she will share proven tools to and battle-tested strategies that will help you leave feeling inspired and ready to take the next step.

Join Us!

The evening will begin with some networking and light refreshments, have a lively panel discussion and Q&A and wrap up with more networking. 


Thursday January 30, 2020

6:30-8:30 pm

4714 Yonge St, 2nd floor
just south of Sheppard at Anotherland Coffee and More

+ H.S.T each

Questions or need help ordering tickets?


Phone: 647-226-3021

Copyright 2020 Laura Macdougall. All Rights Reserved.

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